IT Contact Information

The Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering (HWCOE) has a distributed IT support structure that has recently reorganized under UF’s OneIT for OneUF initiative. IT workers are embedded and dedicated to their specific School, Department, Center or other unit for quicker, more personalized, support but report to the HWCOE Associate Director of IT. Because of this organization, there is not currently a central helpdesk, or phone number, for IT assistance within the HWCOE. Engineering faculty and staff who need IT assistance should contact their local IT support as identified below:

AdminAdministration557 Weil Seufert
Andrew Hale
AdminIntegrated Process & Product Design (IPPD) Hale
BMEBiomedical EngineeringJ292 De La Cruz
Kaitlynn Gravely
CHEChemical Engineering319A De La Cruz
Kaitlyn Gravely
CISEComputer & Information Science & Engineering314 CSEsupport@cise.ufl.eduit.cise.ufl.eduDan Eicher
Addison Laurent
Mark Windischman
ECEElectrical & Computing Engineering263 Kawaja
Sean Johnson (352-392-4937)
Vlad Mitryukhin (352-392-3977)
ECEACIS352-392-3947admin@acis.ufl.eduNicholas Rejack
EEDEngineering Education557 Weil Hale
Mike Seufert
ESSIEEngineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure & Environment455 Weil352-294-7753helpdesk@essie.ufl.eduhelpdesk.essie.ufl.eduKyle Arola
Randy Switt
David Reddig
Austin MontMarquette
ESSIETechnology Transfer Center (T2)352-273-1678itassist@ce.ufl.eduSean Samford
ISEIndustrial Systems Engineering557 Seufert
Andrew Hale
MAEMechanical & Aerospace Engineering233 Leto
Dave Bourget
Eliseo Torres
MSEMaterials Science & Engineering104 Harkness
Eric Hill

Faculty and staff may always contact the main IT office within Engineering Administration for assistance ( / 352-392-9217). We will attempt to identify your local IT office for you and provide contact information, initiate a support ticket on your behalf,  or, depending on your request, provide appropriate information and assistance.

If you would like to raise awareness to larger IT issues impacting your work or unit, feel free to contact the HWCOE College IT Director at