IT5-0-4 Attractive Item Decal Standard for IT Assets

IT5-0-4 Attractive Item Decal Standard for IT Assets


To identify IT assets that require attractive item decals within the HWCOE and establish myAssets standards.


Applies to any IT asset within the HWCOE.


  1. IT assets that will be assigned attractive item decals include:
    1. IT assets identified by Asset Management policies, which include:
      1. Mobile Computing Devices (laptops, netbooks, tablets, smart phones, etc).
      2. Off-site property.
    2. Any IT assets that connect to the UF network, either wirelessly or wired (including such items as desktop computers, docking stations, digital signage appliances, smartTVs, IP cameras, monitors/instruments, and network printers).
    3. Computer peripherals of value taken to, or used in, facilities not in UF’s space file which are not included in the off-site certification of another IT asset by inclusion in its “Long Description” field.
  2. When adding a new IT asset to myAssets, the following minimum standards shall be used (each of the below fields should contain information):

    Other fields in the asset record, such as acquisition date, acquisition cost, dept-fund, and project, should be completed as well to help identify the device but are not required by this administrative procedure.
  3. Once the IT asset is within the myAssets system, “Notes” should be used to record various events regarding the asset (i.e. deployments, service, upgrades, virus/malware rebuilds, etc.). Minimally, warranty repairs and upgrades that change the IT asset should be recorded.


  1. The College IT Director is responsible for establishing this administrative process and informing HWCOE property managers.
  2. The College IT Director is responsible for working with Property Custodians to assign IT-Contacts as appropriate.
  3. The College IT Director is responsible for providing IT-Contacts with devices compatible with the myAssets mobile application to facilitate the yearly scanning of attractive items and updating of asset records.
  4. HWCOE property managers are responsible for ensuring IT assets within myAssets adhere to this standard.
  5. HWCOE property managers are responsible for updating information of IT assets within myAssets in a timely manner to ensure accuracy and consistency of recorded information.
  6. HWCOE IT-Contacts are responsible for completing a yearly decal scan of IT assets with attractive item decals.
  7. HWCOE employees are responsible for reporting moves, adds, and changes to IT assets to their HWCOE property managers in a timely manner



IT Asset: any equipment that is used in the acquisition, storage, manipulation, management, movement, control, display, switching, interchange, transmission, or reception of electronic data or information, including, but not limited to, printers, storage devices, computers, computer equipment and peripherals, and network equipment and systems

HWCOE property managers: people assigned to any property role in Asset Management including, but not limited to, property custodians, alternate property custodians, department contacts, alternate property contacts, and IT-contacts