IT3-2-0 Managed Anti-Virus Requirement

IT3-2-0 Managed Anti-Virus Requirement


To identify HWCOE requirements for anti-virus protection on UF-owned computers.


Applies to all UF-owned desktop and laptop computers within the HWCOE.


  1. UF-owned computers must have an installed, configured, up-to-date and operating anti-virus (A/V) product.
  2. A management console must record at least the following information for installed A/V products.
    1. Last reported date
    2. Virus definition version
    3. Scan engine version
  3. HWCOE will use A/V products provided in the UF Endpoint Management (UFEM) suite.
  4. A/V compliance must be audited by Unit IT.
  5. UF-owned computers not capable of using UFEM A/V must complete a risk assessment according to the UF Integrated Risk Management (IRM) framework.


  1. UFIT will provide a suitable A/V product that meets or exceeds the requirements of this administrative procedure as part of its UF Endpoint Management (UFEM) suite.
  2. The College IT Director will provide Unit IT a monthly A/V compliance report for auditing purposes.
  3. Unit IT will support UFEM on UF-owned computers within their unit.
  4. HWCOE employees will work with Unit IT to ensure A/V is installed and will not uninstall, turn-off, or, otherwise, disable it.